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ECOGATI is a combination of organic NPK in balanced formulation that improves and favors overall growth in garden plants giving rich glow and boost flowering.


-> ECOGATI contains primary basic plant nutrients like Nitrogen; Phosphorus and Potassium present in the right combination in organic from.
-> Increase disease resistant power of the crop. Improves the flowering and maximizes flower and fruit settings.
-> Improves the nutritional status and their utilization. It increases flush and fruit setting & reduces the flower and fruit drop resulting due to nutrient deficiency.
-> Increases photosynthetic activity resulting in improved green, new, and luster of leaves. Boosts up the growth & development of plant resulting in vigor, health& sturdiness.

-> Dosage : 50 – 100 ml/ 10 L water for spray
-> It is highly effective, economical and eco-friendly product for soil and Foliar Application.


Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

EcoGati Growth Booster

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